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Part II The Alpha Gentleman: Flaws and Mistakes

this is the second installment in the alpha gentleman series  Part I Neo Gentleman Alpha Male​ Part II The Alpha Gentleman: Flaws and Mistakes   Part II The Alpha Gentleman: Flaws and Mistakes. As a gentleman you may possess some sort of instinctual curiosity towards you lifestyle. Can you possibly be an Alpha male and

NG Product review on ( “Armani Coats x3.”)

In the spirit of the changing season. A new jacket is a must have to replace that at tattered and hot chocolate/ stained rag you call a coat. Men’s must have coats go quickly and Armani is one of those companies that has products fly off the shelf. Consider the price and consider the quality

a beer in a glass mug

Neo Gentleman on “Beer!”

Neo Gentleman on “Beer!” Men and beer go way back.12 Liquid bread, Libations, Brewski’s , Drafts and Oat sodas,whatever you call it, beer is a facet in many men’s lives. Man, drinking beer is a fine sport. Drinking beer, chugging beer, making beer and critiquing beer are just some of the categories that make up